Mindy Kaling speaks on stage during the New Yorker Festival on October 11, 2014

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Me during a piano lesson/ recital: Lets note slowly fade into nothing before letting go of the keys.
Me in the practice room: Checks Facebook with my foot still on the pedal.


Day 14: Orange

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Canal du midi.LX3.2008. (by lultra☢)


MSGM Fall/Winter 2014 campaign featuring Mariano Ontanon and Dominik Bauer by Giampaolo Sgura.

A promotional ad for WODE Paint Perfume by Boudicca, A distinct and imaginatively conceived perfume, Wode is packaged in a spray paint can that goes on blue, just like the woad war paint used by the ancient British warrior queen, Boudicca. The blue disappears after a few minutes, leaving behind a spicy amber scent that’s utterly enchanting.

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new zealand’s finest

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@god why i look so good today




But like why do you hate Taylor Swift? Among artists who sing about date rape and beating gay people and objectifying women, what is it about her that made you decide that she is the scum of the earth? Do you have a problem with jam? Are you offended by her high waisted shorts?

thank you

Or her short curly hair? Or the fact that she bakes for her fans? Or her Scottish Fold cats?


Took a picture of a man and daughter at a coffee shop to show them what they would look like in 10 years


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zodiac queens


aries: passionate, Real, and assertive queen who won’t take ur shit
taurus: mad chill queen who is probably joking on u right now bc they love you
gemini: fun and sociable queen who knows everything and parties a lot
cancer: sweet queen who reminds u of ur mom and cries during every movie
leo: The Queen who is generous, animated, and loves to be loved
virgo: angelic queen who is in charge and radiates idyllic vibes; beyonce
libra: not a queen but the goddess aphrodite; probably likes art and does perfect winged eyeliner 
scorpio: dark yet kind queen who’s always feelin some type of way; likes ghosts
sagittarius: philosophical and free-spirited queen; probably a fairy or something else that doesn’t like rules
capricorn: narcissistic Queen of Everything who werks hard and plays harder
aquarius: idealistic and unique queen who talks about world issues at parties
pisces: dreamy and ethereal queen who is probably sleeping rn as a means to rebel